Basher & Boris.

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is the latest figure to enter the row over Britain's future in Europe this morning.

David told tbg. that he wants the referendum process to start immediately so as their is a clear commitment on the statute book and in the Conservative Manifesto in 2015.

The news comes as Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed that - "Britain would unshackle itself from Brussels and regain national sovereignty from the EU."

Hague told conference yesterday that - "We want less bureaucracy, less pointless or damaging interference, and less meddling in the issues that belong to national democracies."

Also at Tory Conference yesterday Boris Johnson once again refused to rule himself out of the top job.

After being invited to say that David Cameron is a better Prime Minister than he would be the London Mayor said - "He's a better Prime Minister than Ed Miliband would ever be" and went on to say that "Cameron was doing a bang-up job."

Cameron earlier said that he thought that Boris was "fantastic" and claimed to have already told the London Mayor that - "Once you have done your job as London Mayor, don't think your job in politics is over."