80% of Brits agree with housing benefit reform.

I've had a much closer look at the You Gov Survey out this morning things don't seem to be all that bad for the Conservatives.

Firstly, when the public were asked how they would vote in a General Election if Boris Johnson was Tory Leader then Labours' lead was cut to just two points.

Secondly, its not that bad for Cameron either because he has once again made himself the most likable of the three party leaders, the nation seems to think that he is the best Leader in times of a sink or swim crisis, the public agree with his cuts to housing benefit for the under-25s and also with the idea of cutting benefits for people having more children whilst living off the state.

But thirdly, they agree with two policies that he seems to be at the moment ruling out which are a Mansion Tax and pulling Britain out of the EU if there was a Referendum.

In other news for the Jeff Brookers column today it seems as though Cameron is under more pressure today for cuts to union funding and there's a rumour in The Sun that Tory MPs next week plan to lobby 1922 Committee Chairman Graham Brady for David Cameron to sack Andrew Mitchell.

Here are the figures firstly if Boris Johnson were Tory Leader:

Conservatives 38%
Labour 40%
Liberal Democrats 10%

Most Likable Leader

David Cameron 30%
Ed Miliband 21%
Nick Clegg 12%

Which Party Leader do you think would help Britain swim rather than Sink?

David Cameron 35%
Ed Miliband 27%
Nick Clegg 5%

Do you agree with Cameron's vision of an Aspirational Britain?

Yes 49%
No 26%

Do the public support or oppose stopping Housing Benefit for under-25s?

Support 50%
Against 41%

Do you support new tax on homes worth over £2 Million (Mansion tax)?

Support 73%
Against 20%

Do you support stopping unemployed parent receiving extra benefits when they have another child?

Support 67%
Against 25%

Do you support cutting extra £10 Billion from Benefits Budget?

Support 43%
Against 43%

Is it wrong that people in their 20s (& now 30s) work hard to get on the property ladder whilst others get one paid for by the state?

Agree 80%
Disagree 14%