Quote of the day.

Rebels win the day in the House of Commons EU Budget vote tonight with a Euro-sceptic majority of 13.

Mark Reckless MP said - "David Cameron goes to Brussels with a clear Mandate for a cut in the EU Budget."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Henry Smith on why he is voting against the government.

Tory Rebel Henry Smith has revealed to tbg. this evening that he will be voting against the government in the EU Budget vote later tonight.

With the debate in the House of Commons about whether to demand a cut in the EU Budget well underway Mr Smith exclusively told tbg.:

"I cannot look my constituents in Crawley in the eyes who are having to restrain their spending to clear up Labour's mess and then turn round and say that the inefficient, remote, wasteful and undemocratic institution of the EU should be granted an increased budget."

"I reckon 90% of Britain's would support this stance especially during times of austerity."

Spooky Tory poster campaign in Corby.

(Photo: Source)

TPA find £113M of taxpayer money that's funding unions.

The Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) have today revealed the extent of taxpayer funds being given to trade unions in both national and local government.

The TPA reports that taxpayers have funded unions by a massive £113 million. A thumping £92 million was in paid staff (facility) time plus £21 million in direct payments in 2011-12.

The report also finds that 3,041 full-time public sector staff worked on trade union activities or duties at taxpayers’ expense in the last year.

The TPA say that quangos with the highest number of staff working for trade unions were the Scottish Prison Service with 34 full-time equivalent staff, Transport for London also with 34 full-time staff and Remploy with 30 full-time staff.

The TPA said - "In response to a parliamentary question, the Government has released an estimate that facility time is equivalent to 0.14 per cent of the total annual pay bill in the public sector, against 0.04 per cent in the private sector. 0.14 per cent of the public sector pay bill was around £240 million in 2011-12.

If the number of public sector staff found in this research to be working for the trade unions in 2011-12 were reduced in line with that estimate of the difference between the public and private sectors, 2,172 full-time equivalent public sector staff could return to work."

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson has spoken out against public funds going to trade union campaigners at Peterborough County Council who actively support the Labour Party.

Tory rebels go to war.

Its D-Day in The Commons today and even though tonight's vote as regards the EU Budget will not be legally binding it will certainly be a test of David Cameron's authority.

Latest estimates are that the number of Tory Rebels is numbering around 40 and the reason tbg thinks the figure is so low is because a number of fellow euro-sceptics could not stomach going into the same side as Ed Balls and Co who they believe is responsible for much of the debt left behind by Labour.

Cameron has this morning said to have won some potential rebels to his cause by saying that Britain's annual rebate won by Lady Thatcher in 1984 is completely "non-negotiable."

The Prime Minister also issued a statement last night saying "We will go into the (negotiation) process with good intentions seeking a deal, but it has to be the right deal for the UK."

Yeah right?

Daily tracker.

You Gov today give Labour a 12 point lead and find that 11% of 2010 Conservative voters have defected to UKIP.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval -30

Labour MP Austin Mitchell tells Mensch to 'shut up'.

Labour MP Austin Mitchell has stirred things up in the Louise Mensch Twitter row by publishing tweets containing condescending sexist remarks.

Labour have told Mr Mitchell to withdraw the comments and Mrs Mensch is demanding an apology.

Cameron under growing pressure to veto EU budget.

Prime Minister David Cameron is under intense pressure to veto the EU Budget this morning.

At least four Tory MPs have already spoken out. Mark Reckless and Mark Pritchard are insisting that the budget rises are kept below inflation.

Former Tory Leadership challenger John Redwood and right winger Bill Cash are also backing the move.

Mark Pritchard told tbg. - "At a time of fiscal restraint for families throughout the EU it is unacceptable that there should be any increase in the EU Budget at all." Even Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are also calling for a cut but this was earlier dismissed as a gimmick by Europe Minister David Lidington who said that "Labour have zero credibility" on the issue.

Downing Street have just issued a statement saying that - "There simply is no case for a real terms increase."

tbg. thinks that action will speak louder than words!

The news comes on the same day as former Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for the EU to have an elected President and Peterborough MP and tbg. regular Stewart Jackson calls for migrant workers to be barred from entering Britain if they have criminal records.

Daily tracker.

Com Res Poll gives Labour an eleven point lead over the Conservatives which is the highest since 2010.

It also found that 49% of those questioned think that David Cameron and George Osborne are out of touch and that 16% of Labour current support did not vote at all in 2010. Full Com Res details are:

Labour 44%
Conservatives 33%
Lib Dems 12%
Others 11%

Also, here are todays YouGov poll findings:

Labour 43%
Conservatives 33%
Lib Dems 9%
Others 7%

Government Approval -31

EXCLUSIVE: Labour PPC blocks local Tory MP and tells Croydon to get noisy.

tbg. can exclusively reveal that the recently shortlisted Labour PPC for Croydon-North Val Shawcross has blocked Croydon-Central MP Gavin Barwell on Twitter, seemingly unwilling to enter a debate with her opponents and carry on living in La-La-Labour land.

Val Shawcross, whom is Croydon-North Labour PPC and a Labour London Assembly Member, has been reported as saying "it's time Croydon got noisy" about it's economy and jobs "crisis".

Shawcross told Croydon today - "This is a town in crisis, both in its economy and unemployment, and they need a very strong advocate.

"We cannot acquiesce when things are taken away. It's time Croydon got noisy in the interests of the next generation."

Such language just a year after Croydon did indeed get very noisy during the 2011 riots may not be all that responsible however, it appears Val Shawcross wants to silence at least one member of the Croydon population.

Tory MP Gavin Barwell can just pipe down.

Making outside work pay.

Remember how we were all told by David Miliband after he lost the Labour Leadership to younger brother Red Ed that he would be concentrating on being a good constituency MP?

Well, word has it that in the last year David spoke just 15 times in the House of Commons compared to an average of 34 and took part in just 46% of divisions compared to the average of 75%.

What happened? Look no further than his earnings outside Parliament which topped over £500,000.

80% support Child Benefit changes & cost of MPs' foreign junkets doubles.

80% of the public support the proposed changes to Child Benefit due to come into force soon.

The poll by Populus is a boost for Chancellor George Osborne as he bids to save £1.7 Billion a year.

And remember how Commons Speaker John Bercow pledged a crackdown on MPs foreign led junkets?

Seems as though he's got his work cut out.

New figures show that the costs of junkets to the tax payer in the last financial year almost doubled from £474,000 to £852,000.

Mensch denies fear of losing made her quit.

(Photo: Source)

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch yesterday denied rumours that she quit as an MP because of the fear of being humiliated at the polls in 2015.

Mrs Mensch tweeted - "I had no fear whatsoever of defeat at next election since had already decided not to stand again."

The rumours were sparked when her husband, the music boss Peter Mensch, said in an interview that her wife would have "got killed" at the 2015 General Election.

A by-election is due to be held in Mrs Mensch's former marginal seat at Corby in Northants on November 15th and local polls suggest Labour are on course for a landslide with one poll giving them a 22 point lead.

Mrs Mensch went on to later confirm yesterday that - "Nothing, repeat nothing, influenced my decision to resign other than my inability to hold my family life together away from Peter."

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP poster girl Alexandra Swann set to stand in 2015.

In an exclusive interview with tbg. Conservative to UKIP defector and columnist Alexandra Swann reveals how she lives in UKIP's rented house in Corby, what she had for breakfast, her radical politics and plans to stand in the 2015 General Election.

What have you been up-to today?

"I am currently living in the house in Corby that UKIP have rented for the by election so I can work from Roger's constituency office during the week and assist the Corby campaign during evenings and weekends.

"Today I woke up in a house full of UKIP activists, walked to the campaign office and spent an hour or so organising the various leaflets and invitations to our forthcoming public meetings with Prof Tim Congdon and Nigel Farage for delivery this week. I've spent the past few hours canvassing postal voters in the freezing cold and rainy East Northants villages and this evening I intend to have a very hot bath reading the Sunday Times magazines before going to see Skyfall."

What did you have for breakfast?

"Two apples smeared with organic whole nut peanut butter. I figure carbs and fat are okay when you know you'll spend the day walking about in the cold!"

You defected to UKIP this year so, why/how exactly do you think the Conservatives can not deliver on your personal political motives/beliefs and why UKIP can/do?

"I'm a Libertarian/anarcho-Capitalist; I am writing my PhD thesis on the works of Herbert Spencer and Auberon Herbert. I believe in a very small state, a flat rate of income tax, no death or job taxes, high levels of personal freedom, non-interventionism, grammar schools and national sovereignty.

"I joined the Conservatives because I thought they were the party that best represented my views. However, Cameron seems all too happy in Coalition; he accepts the populist rhetoric of banker bashing and criticising corporations who legally avoid tax.

"I realise that my own belief that taxation equals theft does not resonate with much of the electorate, that we have a huge national debt to deal with and strong public sector unions who oppose reform, but Cameron's Conservatism is so far from my own principles, from Thatcherism, that I could no longer support his party.

"UKIP, in contrast, are a libertarian, non-interventionist party; they would bring in a fair, flat rate of income tax at 20% which would be further reduced over time; they would abolish employers' national insurance, a tax on jobs, and the death tax.

"They would take people on minimum wage out of income tax altogether and would reintroduce grammar schools, a real tool for social mobility. UKIP also oppose the climate change policies that force the poorest into fuel poverty and push jobs and investment abroad. In short, UKIP stands for common sense, pro-individual, pro-business policies that I believe in and the Conservative party no longer does."

Are you likely to swap back?

"Hell no."

Tell me the most interesting thing about yourself?

"I am soon to start retraining as a clinical psychologist; it's been an area of interest for a long time and I think anyone who wants a career in politics should have a real career, a hinterland."

You've enjoyed alot of exposure since defecting to UKIP, did you envisage the attention you now receive as a result of your move?

"Not at all. I have been surprised and flattered in equal measure. It has opened a lot of opportunities in journalism too which was an unexpected bonus. I'm now writing for a couple of mainstream papers in addition to my weekly column for The Commentator, my own blog and the Libertarian Press, which is nice."

Where do you do your weekly/monthly shop?

"Brussels - markets or Carrefour
Surrey - Waitrose
Corby - co-op!"

What are your plans for the 2015 General Election?

"I'm on the UKIP candidates' list and will stand wherever the party decide I am of most use or in South West Surrey. I'm standing next year in the Farnham Central ward for the Surrey County Council elections, then there are the Euros in 2014; three years are a long time."

You can follow Alexandra on Twitter.

Grayling signals u-turn on prisoner votes.

The new Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has today hinted that he may be about to perform a u-turn as regards the European Court of Human Rights wanting Britain to give prisoners the vote.

Originally Mr Grayling had argued that the UK Parliament had every right not to accept a European Court of Human Rights ruling that prisoners must get the vote.

However, the Justice Secretary is now saying that there may be "consequences" for the UK's position in Europe should the judgement be defied.

The vast majority of Tory MPs oppose giving prisoners the vote and any move to do so would almost certainly tarnish Mr Grayling's reputation for being a 'tough right winger'.

EXCLUSIVE: S-J Sewell hails CF Halloween bash a massive success.

(Photo: CF Chairman Ben Howlett with John 'The Dictator' Cope)

National Deputy Chairman at Conservative Future has exclusively opened the lid on last nights shindig stating it was a "massive success" and praised the effort of attendees with regard to outfits - "some of the costumes were absolutely brilliant", said Sewell.

Sarah-Jane Sewell told tbg. - "Everyone had a fantastic time the music was so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. It was a massive success, it's so nice to have a more informal gathering.

"Chris Kelly was great, he awarded best costume to CF Communications Officer John Cope but it was a close call with costumes, there were so many great ones!"

Tousi and Holloway leaked snaps at CF Halloween bash.

Tousi and Holloway leaked snaps at CF Halloween bash.

Pictures, gossip and hangovers are being served for lunch today after last nights Conservative Future Halloween bash in Central London. tbg. has got hold of initial leaked online snaps from the party.

Influential blogger on hiatus, and founder of the Mahyarism cult Conservative Future movement, Mahyar Tousi, has been secretly snapped (above) at the CF Halloween ball in London last night. The picture also shows the one and only CF deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell donning a red dress.

This scary character (above) is apparently active influential CF'er Richard Holloway.

Top Tory wants England to vote in Scottish referendum.

Corby Borough Tory councillor Rob McKellor has launched a parliamentary motion to allow 'Scots' in the U.K living outside Scotland to cast a vote during its Indpendence referendum due in 2014.

McKellor said - "At least the people living in Corby, otherwise known as ‘Little Scotland’ should be able to vote."

It is reported that there are 800,000 'Scots' living in Britain outside of Scotland which has a population of just 5.2 million.

tbg. sources say McKellors move is an attempt to undermine the 'Yes' campaign as the Tory councillor called upon fellow councillors to get behind the 'No' campaign.

Daily tracker.

This mornings' YouGov survey gives Labour a 7 point lead and a slight boost for Cameron's Conservatives on two other fronts.

Government approval is up ten points on Friday at -25 from -35.

And third, the percentage of people saying that the economy is doing well is up by 5% to 36%.

Labour 42%
Conservatives 35%
Lib Dems 9%

Government Approval -25

tbg. thinks that its a soft Labour lead and as the economy recovers so will Cameron's fortunes. tbg. current prediction is a Conservative majority of around 20 in 2015.

Clarke: Tories must stop reckless EU threats.

Tory MP and cabinet member Ken Clarke has called upon Tories to stop "threatening" and "reckless" comments on Britain's relationship with the EU.

Tory MP Ken Clarke said - "To start threatening, throwing into the air our relationship with the outside world, with the global economy, would I think be very reckless.

"I frequently say that to several of my colleagues: there seems little point in opening up the debate at the moment about our membership of the European Union."

The former Chancellor also threw cold water on economic revival hopes saying - "It would be absolute folly to turn around and say it will all be fine by Christmas.

"Anybody who says we are absolutely certain we are bouncing back to strong growth is being very optimistic."

South-Staffs CF Chairman attacked for 'Port & Policy' approach.

Conservative Future Chairman for South Staffordshire Jack Matthews has been accused by several Oxford students of party-political positioning at Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) and trying to introduce a "Port and Policy" approach.

Matthews tabled a 'drinks' motion to deliver free drinks for all at Council meetings at the same time as a motion to fund transport for students wishing to partake in Novembers' National Union of Students (NUS) demonstration.

OUSU has a £2,000 fund that would be the source of finance for either proposal were they to pass yesterday’s Council meeting.

An OUSU rep commented - "If the discretionary fund is to be used to provide free drinks, I can only speculate in light of the timing that there is a deliberate attempt in progress to derail efforts to persuade OUSU to fund the national student demonstration, in light of the proposer’s political affiliations."

Jack Matthews says he has always tried to increase access to OUSU Council meetings tweeting - "When people are accusing you of trying to turn ‘@OUSUCouncil’ into Port and Policy, they really have run out of logical arguments."

Calling the allegations "frankly ridiculous" the South-Staffordshire CF Chairman said - "The students I am elected to represent have, and will always, come first. I have been working to make Council more accessible for years; from making it more accessible to graduates and scientists by moving when it’s held, to running sessions on how Council works when I was Chair'.

"Council remains the place where all students are equal, and I will continue to defend and improve upon it for as long as I am lucky enough to be a student at Oxford."

Matthews defended his 'free drinks' policy saying - "Many Common Rooms reward those who take the time to attend their meetings with a free drink."

Jack Matthews exclusively told tbg. - "The motion passed by an overwhelming majority, with a sabbatical officer of OUSU even speaking in favour of it.

"This story has been whipped up by a very small number of students, unhappy with my opposition to their motion to fund those who wished to attend the TUC march.

"It is a shame more time has not been spent reporting the motion regarding funding the NUS demo.

"There was a lively and interesting debate with good points made by both sides, and the Student Union decided to put aside up to £1000 to help fund transport to London."

Berlusconi sentenced to imprisonment.

Silvio "Nice Tan" Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years imprisonment for fraud.

The occasionally orange Mr Berlusconi whom looks like he's been put back together with plasticine was accused, with others, of buying American film rights at inflated prices through two offshore companies under his control.

The 'bunga-bunga' former Italian PM and unconventional leader is expected to appeal the decision.

tbg. does love to see a crook go down.

+ UPDATE 17:18 +

Berlusconi's four-year prison term is reported to have been reduced by the courts to one year under an Italian law aimed at cutting jail overcrowding.

Tory Chairman gagged.

There seems to be a separate development in the Jimmy Savile row this morning.

A newspaper is reporting that Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps was sent an e-mail shortly before a recent appearance on BBC Question Time warning him not to suggest there had been any pressure to scrap a Newsnight investigation into the star.

Needless to say the Beeb have since apologised.

Cameron poised to use EU veto again.

tbg. understands today that David Cameron is all set to use his veto in Europe for the second time.

It follows a meeting between EU President Herman Van Rumpuy and the Prime Minister in Downing Street.

At the center of the new row is both plans for inflation busting budgets revealed on tbg. earlier this week and what is believed to be a new threat to Britain's £2.7 Billion rebate won by former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher in 1984.

Sources have told tbg. that David Cameron left Mr. Van Rumpuy "in no doubt" that he will oppose both measures.

Tory MP Peter Bone told tbg. this morning that Cameron should go further. The Euro-Sceptic rebel said "I don't think this country should even be satisfied with a freeze in the EU Budget."

"We want a cut in the amount British taxpayers pay to the EU."

Daily tracker.

YouGov give Labour an 11 point lead.

Labour 44%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 10%

Government Approval -35

Cable black out.

Remember the recent news of how Prime Minister David Cameron is allegedly keeping a close eye on the Liberal Democrats Leadership contender Vince Cable?

Well, tbg. can today reveal that such is the lack of trust between the two that the Prime Minister will not even reveal to any of his coalition partners the results of Lord Heseltine's report investigating ways of boosting growth for business in the regions.

tbg. has exclusively been told that Lord Hesleltine's report is being kept under close wraps to avoid any leaks.

UK economy officially out of recession, GDP up 1% in the last quarter.

Osborne/Gangnam style.

Daily Tracker.

YouGov gives Labour a ten point lead this morning.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval -36

Cameron talks up economy and record.

Prime Minister David Cameron today talked up his record 2 and a half years into a five year term.

Cameron told the Commons chamber at PMQ's this afternoon that Ed Miliband would not talk about the issues that matter to people because it seems to be telling us good news.

Cameron verbally waved around recent facts that have emerged - "Unemployment down, inflation down, crime down, borrowing down and NHS waiting lists down", said the Prime Minister.

Cameron concluded saying "the good news will keep coming". The Office for National Statistics are due to release figures tomorrow showing that the UK has returned to growth.

Tory youth brigade set to bus it to Corby.

In stark contrast to Labour activists being funded for first class travel to Corby with Unions cash, National Conservative Future are set to bus it with MEP Syed Kamall to Northamptonshire and go toe-to-toe with a 22-point Labour lead in the constituency on Saturday 3rd November.

Conservative Party candidate Christine Emmett has an enormous task to retain the seat of Corby for the Tory Party. So much so that CCHQ have decided not to throw cash at the by-election due to take place on November 15th at the same time as Police & Crime Commissioner elections.

Therefore the event is priced at £10 which includes a return ticket to Corby and lunch. Bargain!

Book your place here.

Tory uproar at inflation busting rise in EU budget.

There's more uproar today from Tory Euro-Sceptics.

New figures have this morning revealed that Euro MPs have back a 6.8 per cent increase in budgets for the coming year and at least 5 per cent per year thereafter.

UK Conservative Group Leader Richard Ashworth who opposed the move called the move "economic illiteracy" in austere times.

Britain's Conservative MEPs were outnumbered five to one in the vote and there's speculation this morning that David Cameron may well stand by his word and veto the move.

Daily tracker.

Populus give Labour a 5 point lead this morning.

Labour 40%
Conservatives 35%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Four out of five voters who deserted Labour in 2010 want net migration reduced to zero.

59% of voters who deserted Labour in 2010 want Britain to leave the E.U.

More poll news.

Two weeks ago tbg. gave you a breakdown of how the parties stand on separate issues.

Hot on the heels of the Party Conference Season, today, we have a fresh update.

September 7-8th Figures are in brackets.


Labour 39% (40%)
Conservatives 20% (23%)
Liberal Democrats 5% (5%)

Asylum and Immigration

Labour 19% (19%)
Conservatives 29% (31%)
Liberal Democrats 6% (6%)

Law and Order

Labour 25% (23%)
Conservatives 30% (35%)
Liberal Democrats 5% (5%)

Education and Schools

Labour 32% (33%)
Conservatives 26% (27%)
Liberal Democrats 7% (8%)


Labour 30% (28%)
Conservatives 24% (28%)
Liberal Democrats 7% (9%)


Labour 32% (32%)
Conservatives 22% (25%)
Liberal Democrats 4% (5%)

Economy in General

Labour 28% (27%)
Conservatives 26% (29%)
Liberal Democrats 5% (5%)


Labour 22% (21%)
Conservatives 21% (23%)
Liberal Democrats 6% (8%)

Obama turns to Boris.

Seems as though its not just CCHQ turning to Boris in troubled times.

Word has reached tbg. that Obama's Campaign Team are now using footage of the London Mayor mocking Romney in an attempt to boost his flagging ratings.

Daily Tracker.


Labour 45%
Conservatives 32%
Liberal Democrats 8%

Government Approval -39


Labour 41%
Conservatives 33%
Liberal Democrats 14%

Corby Tory poll reveals Labour 22 point lead.

A poll commissioned by Conservative Campaign HQ financial backer Lord Ashcroft has revealed that the Conservative Party must overturn a 22 point Labour lead to retain the constituency seat of Corby.

Labour 54%
Conservatives 32%

It has now been suggested by some sources that CCHQ will not be piling money into Corby but waiting for campaign when they think it seems more likely that they'll win.

The poll in Corby did show what other polls have shown here on tbg. in the past few weeks - that Cameron and Osborne are still trusted more on the economy than the two Red Ed's on the opposite benches.

Tory candidate Christine Emmett will need every volunteer available to overcome a 22 point Labour lead and lack of CCHQ cash.

It is also a by-election that could enable the Prime Minister & government to get their sound message across and have a real scrap with the opposition and positively promote aspiration while rejecting Labour's very divisive yet damaging & sticky attacks.

It seems as if CCHQ are going to skip all that and not even bother. Are they waiting for a miracle?

Sewell: Chris Kelly MP to attend CF Halloween bash.

Chris Kelly MP is set to attend Conservative Future's Halloween shindig this coming Saturday at the Piccadilly Institute in Leicester Square.

Tickets are fashionably priced at £8 for CF members and £9 for non-CF members with a free alcohol based drink upon entry.

CF's one and only Deputy Chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell told tbg. - "It's going to be the best Halloween party in the UK, with the launch of the National Social Action collaboration project Movember, and Chris Kelly MP joining us with the Social Media Award."

tbg. sources claim that there are only a few tickets that remain for the party at the London venue.

Lynton Crosby set to return and lead Tories at CCHQ.

(Photo: Source)

tbg. has reports this morning that the man behind Boris Johnson's two winning London Mayoral campaigns is today being approached to take over the Conservative 2015 General Election Campaign.

Tory co-Chairman Lord Feldman of Elstree says he hopes CCHQ can secure the services of Australian Political Strategist Lynton Crosby as soon as possible.

The move comes on the same day that Conservative Campaign HQ COO quit after what tbg. sources say was a furious row between the COO Norman Green and Lord Feldman.

Changes at CCHQ are happening as David Cameron launches his own fightback after three of the worst days of his premiership saw George Osborne indicted in a train ticketing row and Andrew Mitchell finally resign as Chief Whip.

tbg. also has reports that say whilst David Cameron and Michael Gove wanted Andrew Mitchell to stay on both Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith wanted him out.

Northants Tory MP Brian Binley told the Daily Express that this proves how Cameron is using his own supporters as a comfort zone to protect him in his bunker and Nadine Dorries thinks the party has reached a crucial turning point.

EXPOSED: How half of all Labour MP's travel 1st class.

Hot on the heels of tbg's revelation yesterday that top Labour chiefs traveled first class to the party's conference comes another piece of bad news for Red Ed.

No fewer than 113 Labour MPs charged first class rail travel to their expenses in the past year and some of the tickets costed as much as £300.

Big names that have claimed include husband and wife Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper and former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

113 Labour, 48 Tory, 19 Lib Dem and three SNP have claimed for first class travel.

US Presidential Poll.

Gallup have Mitt Romney leading the race to the White House.


Romney 49%
Obama 46%


Romney 52%
Obama 45%

Rasmussen poll also released today:

Romney 49%
Obama 47%

Miliband policy guru's £5k business class travel.

Ed Miliband was today branded a hypocrite for mocking George Osborne for travelling in First Class whilst at the same time treating his own elite supporters and top dogs with the same VIP lifestyle.

For example, it's emerged that Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol was given a £400 first class return ticket to travel to the party conference from London to Manchester and Mr. Miliband's favourite policy guru, Professor Michael Sandel from Harvard University, was flown in business class from the US at a cost of £5,000

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen told tbg. that "This is first-class hypocrisy from Labour."

A Ballsy walk-out.

Poor Ed Balls really dropped himself in it last week.

tbg. has been told that the Shadow Chancellor was so unpopular on a visit recently that he sparked a mass walk out.

Pupils at Central Foundation Girls School in East London left en masse as Balls was hosting a lecture on youth unemployment when the Shadow Chancellor refused to answer a question about the debt and mess his own party left behind.

Sounds so familiar!

'Red Ed's Sponsored Walk'.

Red Ed Miliband showed off his true colours again yesterday during his walkabout in Central London with his TUC paymasters.

He spoke at the same anti cuts rally where TUC General Secretary Len McCluskey, RMT boss Bob Crow and PCS Leader Mark Serwotka called for preparations for a General Strike.

Conservatives dubbed the march 'Red Ed's Sponsored Walk' after it was revealed that one of the unions behind the march, Unite, has given £6.8 Million to Labour since Red Ed took charge.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps hailed Red Ed's behaviour as "back to the days of Michael Foot."

Daily tracker.

Survation for Mail on Sunday give Labour a 13 point lead.

Labour 43%
Conservatives 30%
Liberal Democrats 8%
UKIP 12%

52% of those questioned say that Andrew Mitchell should stand down as an MP.

33% say he should stay on as an MP.

One in four who voted Conservative in 2010 say the conduct of Mitchell makes them less likely to vote for the Conservatives next time.

Almost one in two say David Cameron handled the issue badly.

47% say the Conservatives have not ditched their 'Nasty Party' image as opposed to 32% who say they have.

56% say David Cameron is arrogant.

59% say George Osborne is arrogant.

45% say Ed Miliband is arrogant.

51% want Britain to leave the E.U.

34% want Britain to stay in the E.U.

Survation interviewed 1,002 people online on the evening of Friday October 19th and on the morning of Saturday 20th October.

Howletts' 2 years at Conservative Future helm.

Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett has championed the Tory youth-wing for breaking down stereotypes enabling the organisation to have a real influence in Britain today.

On his second anniversary as National Chairman of Conservative Future Howlett proclaimed - "Conservative Future has grown from 200 branches in 2010 to 380 branches in 2012"

"CF by far the most popular political youth wing on campuses as well as holding the title of the largest youth wing of any political party in the UK" - He said.

On ConservativeHome the CF Chairman claimed that under his leadership the young Tories were integral to helping Boris get re-elected as Mayor of London for an historic second term.

Howlett went on to list the organisations initiatives inspired by his manifesto and desire to reach out to members & ordinary people:

"CF Policy Forum, for members to have their say on policy issues, CF Postgrads and CF Young Professionals to grow enthusiasm around our 20+ members. One of the key successes however has been the launch of CF Women which has held various events and campaigns to help train and debate issues that affect women within the party and in the world of business"

Ben Howlett mentioned "aspiration" five times during his article, symmetrically echoing Prime Minister David Cameron's message to the country.

Daily Tracker.

ComRes for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror give Labour an 8 point lead.

Labour 41% (+2)
Conservatives 33% (-2)
Liberal Democrats 10% (0)
UKIP 9% (+1)

CFCA on hunt for an Honorary President.

Conservative Friends of Central Asia is a project by Thomas Kinsgston set to strengthen ties with Central Asia and create awareness of culture and politics.

The President of the group Thomas Kingston exclusively spoke to tbg. outlining their plans and vision - "Our purpose is to encourage cooperation between the UK and the Central Asian states. We also aim to increase knowledge of central Asian cultures, history and politics amongst our members.

"Our direction is tied in with this, our short term aims are to increase awareness of our organisation, co-operate with embassies and members of the Conservative party.

"Ideologically we are a broad church with three core principles: right to self determination, democracy and the promotion of market economics

"We're very lucky to have some highly educated individuals with specialisation in the region as well as many members with a passion for our aims. We are currently looking for a honorary chairman ideally someone of political or diplomatic ranking."

You can visit CFCA's Facebook page here and their website here.

Sir George Young appointed Tory Chief Whip.

(Photo: Source)

Sir George Young is the Tories new Chief Whip tonight after Andrew Mitchell finally resigned after weeks of avoidable torture.

This is apparently his resignation letter which reveals what he says he actually did say to the police. Please laugh or you will cry.

(Photo: order-order.com)

Tory council leader: 'Rather walk over coals than go to Conference'.

Tory councillor and council leader in Southend, Nigel Holdcroft, has shocked local party members by denouncing the Conservative Party Conference as a staged managed event with only purpose to gain national publicity and nothing to do with grassroots or the future of the Party.

Holdcroft revealed that he - "would rather have walked over hot coals than have gone to Conservative Conference".

Holdcroft told a local paper - "I have never been able to get excited about the thought of attending the conference which, in line with the other major parties, appears to have become increasingly stage-managed and more an opportunity to provide a public stage for our national colleagues and policies rather than a forum for future policy development.

"I am sure that some find it interesting and a good opportunity to meet with a large number of party colleagues, but it is not for me."

The Southend Council Leader later proclaimed that his "blisters were starting to heal".

YouGov daily tracker.

Labour's lead is down to 8 points this morning.

Labour 42%
Conservatives 34%
Liberal Democrats 10%

Government Approval -31

Quote of the day.

"I am guilty. I am a pleb. I can now deny stories that I told the speed camera to know its place."

Michael Fabricant MP in today's 'Hickey' Column in the Daily Express, in response to a speeding penalty he's just received.

You can follow Michael on Twitter - @Mike_Fabricant

Griffin in Twitter storm.

BNP Leader Nick Griffin is in a Twitter storm tonight after publishing the address of a gay couple whom successfully sued B&B owners for not allowing them stay there because of their sexuality.

Nick Griffin also appears to threaten the couple with mob violence.

+UPDATE+ - 19:06

Labour Parliamentary Spokesman for Wyre Forest Howard Martin has tonight compared the Tories to Left-wing loon Nick Griffin.

Post Iraq war birth defects.

Iraq has recorded a huge rise in birth defects since the war began in 2003.

A recent study focused on the city of Fallujah where some of the heaviest fighting took place. Fallujah was the scene of two enormous and grossly destructive USA/UK coalition assaults in 2004.

A few years later doctors began to notice a rise in birth defects and miscarriage. They were so concerned they asked the United Nations to investigate the problem in 2009.

The letter sent by the doctors said - "In September 2009, (the hospital) had 170 newborn babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days (and) a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed. In August 2002, before the invasion, 530 babies were born; six of them died within the first week, with a single birth defect reported."

The latest study in Fallujah found that more than half of all babies were born with a birth defect between 2007 and 2010. Before the war this figure was 1 in 10. Before 2000 it was fewer than 2% of babies born with defects.

Forty-five per cent of pregnancies ended in miscarriage between 2004 - 2006, up from only 10% before the bombing. Between 2007 and 2010, one in six of all pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

The USA/UK Coalition denies that it used depleted uranium during the attack on Fallujah but did say they used white phosphorous. Metallic poisoning is also a concern as such heavy bombardment may have poisoned the people the Fallujah causing damage to sperm and genes.

tbg. believes this is a shameful legacy, unfortunately for us all.

More at ammonnews.net.

Lib Dem found guilty on 25 counts of tuition fee fraud.

As reported here at tbg. in September 2012 senior Liberal Democrat long standing candidate for Parliament stood accused of orchestrating a £30,000 tuition-fee fraud. The Lib Dem has today been found guilty, is in custody and is expected to be sentenced tomorrow.

Dr Vincent McKee was implicated after an investigation alleged extra payments for tuition had been taken from a credit card, over-and-above what had been initially agreed.

The university lecturer had been vigorously denying the charges.

Dr McKee stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate for Parliament in four General Elections and was previously head of policy for the Liberal Democrats in Coventry before being suspended after the allegations emerged.

Locals say it was because of his solid good reputation locally that nobody believed he was stealing money from student bank accounts whilst he campaigned against tuition fees.

UPDATE - 19/OCT/2012 - 16:14PM

Dr Vincent McKee has been jailed for two and a half years.

Cameron to call for EU referendum.

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce that the 2015 Tory manifesto will include a pledge on a referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union.

Cameron told MP's last night he would campaign to stay in the EU but wasn't happy with the the current membership deal:

"I think what the vast majority of this country wants is a new settlement with Europe and then that settlement being put to fresh consent.

"That’s what will be going in our manifesto and I think it will get a ringing endorsement from the British people."

tbg. sources close to the Prime Minister insist this will be officially announced around new year time in December/January and that it will be a choice between being IN the EU with significant repatriation of powers to Westminster, or completely OUT.

Cameron has been speaking of the new world much recently with a seeming realisation of fact that our chums across the English Channel just ain't cutting it anymore.

Romney leads in US polls.

Gallup USA election tracker poll shows that Mitt Romney has a 6% lead among likely voters. When registered voters are included Romneys lead cuts to 2% -


Obama 46%
Romney 48%


Obama 48%
Romney 49%

Rasmussen also conducted statewide presidential polls -

New Hampshire

Obama 49%
Mitt Romney 50%


Obama 50%
Romney 47%


Obama 45%
Romney 53%


Obama 53%
Romney 38%

Mitchell says 'I didn't' swear.

Andrew Mitchell was being berated by Ed Miliband during PMQ's when he said that Mitchell swore at police officers.

According to tbg. sources we can confirm that Mitchell immediately denied that allegation and yelled at the leader of the opposition - "I didn't" before a packed chamber.

Mitchell has already admitted that he swore at police officers but also claimed he had not said the words "attributed to him" by the officers involved. Today he says he did not swear.

It is likely Andrew Mitchell is in a state of paranoia and seemed to take the fact Miliband said he swore, as he said the word 'pleb'. Who knows though? tbg. thinks this is a right mess and Andrew Mitchel is clearly lying and has been lying since the plebgate saga began.

Miliband was of course correct when he quoted Boris saying people who swear at the police should be arrested and also saying - "While it's a night in the cell for the yobs, it is a night in the Carlton Club for the Chief Whip. Clear case of double standards."

The improper character that is Andrew Mitchell must go now.

Employment at all time high as UK returns to growth.

The number of people in work is at an all time high since records began in 1971. The Office for National Statistics said the employment rose to 29.59 million which is up 212,000.

The number of full-time workers increased by 88,000 to reach 21.45 million. The number of part-time workers increased by 125,000 to reach 8.13 million.

The number of people claiming job-seekers allowance fell by 4,000 to 1.57 million.

Youth unemployment fell by 62,000 to 957,000.

Unemployment fell most in the North East, North West and Wales.

More women are in employment than men and there are over 170,000 less people on out-of-work benefits since the 2010 election.

Minister for Employment Mark Hoban said - "Despite the tough economic times, the private sector continues to create jobs and our welfare reforms are encouraging people to return to work - with 170,000 fewer people on the main out-of-work benefits than in May 2010.

"The big fall in youth unemployment is particularly welcome, but we know this remains a challenge, which is why we have the £1 billion Youth Contract offering nearly 500,000 work experience places, apprenticeships and wage incentives to help young people get a job."

The news is sure to be welcomed by Chancellor Osborne and comes as inflation (CPI and RPI) was also reported to have fallen along with a rise in earnings and household income. The Office for National Statistics have also said that retail spending is up and tbg. thinks this should continue to grow further with the Christmas shopping season almost upon us.

All signs seem to be pointing toward statistical releases later this month that will show Britain is not in recession and has returned to growth. Or so hope Downing Street.

+UPDATE - 18/OCT/2012+ - Strong retail figures released by ONS.

Tories 'despair' at Mitchell.

The trail of Mitchel's blood stains through the streets of Westminster don't seem to be disappearing as the Tory Chief Whip limps on after calling a couple of coppers "plebs".

Top Tory MP's have told Sky News about their "despair" that Andrew Mitchell is still in his job.

Many now believe Mitchell will be unable to perform his Chief Whip duties which are to keep order & discipline within the parliamentary party and keep MP's and ministers on message.

Andrew Mitchell may be given a battering a PMQ's later, will he survive the day?

Follow Up - Mitchell yells "I didn't" swear, at PMQ's.

You Gov Daily Tracker

Labour have a 10 point lead this morning.

Labour 43%
Conservative 33%
Liberal Democrats 9%

Government Approval -33

Cameron says Iran is a threat to the world.

Prime Minister David Cameron has told a Jewish event in London that Iran is a threat to world peace stating that "we" shouldn't have to live in a world with a nuclear armed Iran.

Cameron said that military action wasn't yet necessary and he has plans afoot for even tougher sanctions if Iran do not comply.

The Prime Minister said - "Iran is not just a threat to Israel. It is a threat to the world. (Some say) ...We have to learn to live with a nuclear armed Iran. I say we don’t and we shouldn't."

"A negotiated settlement remains within Iran’s grasp for now. But until they change course, we have a strategy of ever tougher sanctions."

The Prime Minister insists the Iranian regime is suffering as a consequence of the sanctions and hostile public opinion.

"The Iranian regime is under unprecedented pressure and faces an acute dilemma. They are leading their people to global isolation and an economic collapse. And they know it." - said Prime Minister Cameron.

Quote of the day.

Nick Clegg has the right attitude toward the 'Ban Page 3' campaign.