YouGov weekly tracker analysis.

You Gov's Weekly Issue Tracker makes interesting reading again this week.

When asked which party would handle the NHS best Labour leads the Conservatives by 38% to 22%. This has traditionally been solid Labour territory as the Conservatives have only ever led Labour on the issue twice in four years.

When it comes to the best party to handle Asylum and Immigration though the Conservatives lead Labour but only by a margin of 30% to 18%. In July 2010 the Conservatives led Labour by 47% to 13%.

Law and Order is another issue where the Conservatives lead Labour this time by 33% to 25%. Shortly after the 2010 General Election the Conservatives led this one 47% to 22%.

Labour lead on Schools by 33% to 26% but again this has changed recently. The Conservatives led Labour on this one for four years between 2006 and 2010.

Taxation is another tricky one. The Conservatives led on this one more or less continuously between January 2008 and the Budget on March 23rd this year but as austerity has hit home so have the polls and as a result Labour lead on this one too by but only by 29% to 26%.

The Conservatives were considered best on unemployment throughout their final term in opposition and during their first five months of government but again this is one where Labour have recently built up a considerable lead which currently stands at 33% to 22%.

Finally however, in terms of the economy in general its neck and neck all the way with only one or two points in it all of this year and the latest standing showing the Conservatives in front 28% to 26%.

Maybe there is hope for Cameron's Conservatives after all?