CF West-Yorks Chairman steps aside and calls for unity.

Conservative Future West Yorkshire Area Chairman Peter Christopher Barnes has stepped aside and Samantha Magnus has been elected to take over the position. Barnes has moved away from the area and remains a Conservative Future activist.

On departure Barnes praised the Yorkshire & Humber region by claiming - "The lack of infighting and the real sense of friendship within the region is something that every area of Conservative Future should emulate and champion; the backstabbing and plotting does nothing for our national image.

Barnes then went on to tell tbg. -

"CF is about to enter into one of its most important elections in the organisations history; with all factions of the youth movement begging it to take a firmer stance on certain issues and it to sway toward their political ideals. Yet despite this CF must at all costs come together for the good of party when it comes to the 2015 general election in getting our message out to the public, speaking with one voice about the incompetence of Labour and the Liberal Democrats."

"The British political climate is a state of volatility and every vote will count."

The CF'er also says he now hopes to get involved much more with CF's London and Manchester scene.