Vultures closing in on Clegg.

Hot on the heels of Lord Oakeshott's remarks last week Torbay MP Adrian Sanders tells today's Sunday Times that Cleggers has to stop "just bumbling along worrying about the future."

Lib Dems Devon and Cornwall Regional Chairman Andrew Bridgwater goes further telling the Independent on Sunday that "the sooner Nick resigns the better!"

And Lord Smith of Clifton weighs in too saying that "Clegg is just a cork bobbling along the waves with no strategy at all" before adding that "Vince Cable possesses appeal and credibility."

++UPDATE 20:02++

Mike Smithson of Politicalbetting.com reporting that Cable's odds of being next Lib Dem Leader have today been slashed from 4-1 to 5-2.

Odds of Clegg being being out by the end of the year are a very tempting 16-1.

I'm off to the bookies!