Unions may overturn UK's anti-strike laws.

The European Court of Human Rights has accepted a submission for potential adjustment to UK law from unions just weeks after they threatened to hold Britain to ransom with a general strike over the governments austerity programme. Unions claim that the UK unlawfully prevents them taking industrial action.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has called on Cameron for tougher laws to prevent union strike action and lambasted the intervention by the European Court as - "Totally unacceptable" - and said - "The Government needs to watch this like a hawk."

Union leader Bob Crow claims that "the right to strike is excessively circumscribed" and is in breach of human rights law.

The union claim that British laws infringe Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Article is designed to protect the right to freedom of association including the right to form trade unions. Article 11 does also say that countries may impose "lawful restrictions" on union rights in the interest of the "administration of the State".