Unions caught calling the shots again.

tbg.can this afternoon confirm that Labour will be urged to condemn the pay freeze affecting public sector workers at its annual conference this week.

Its all hot on the heels of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls being heckled at the Trades Union Congress in Brighton earlier this month.

tbg. understands that Unison has submitted a motion to Labour's annual gathering in Manchester which attacks the public sector pay freeze.

It reads: "Conference condemns the prolonged pay freezes that mean public sector workers have had their real terms pay cut dramatically."

"Conference believes that depressing workers' living standards in a recession is self-defeating and contributes to economic stagnation."

tbg. believes that this is very cheap coming from Unison who’s Leader Dave Prentis pulls in an annual salary of £92,187, who earlier this month threatened to help organise a General Strike over pension reforms, and who recently called the Blairite fringe group Progress "a party within a party that is funded by external interests" and "an influence we will not support."