EXCLUSIVE: Threats of eviction to council tenants with anti-Labour posters.

Rufford have a by-election for the Notts County Council on Thursday 20th September. The area is tradtional old Labour territory - mining with still a working pit at Edwinstowe.

The Labour candidate is John Peck who is also a district Councillor in Edwinstowe.

John Peck has apparenly fallen out with a number of council tenants and these tenants have put up "No John Peck Rubbish here thankyou" posters.

A tbg. local source revealed that - "Residents have received a letter from Newark and Sherwood Homes the public body set up to manage the homes. The letters were hand delivered. The residents were told that they must take down the posters or they could be evicted. When they asked what about the people with Vote John Peck posters, they were told that they were 'legal'."

The Conservative Housing portfolio holder, Bruce Laughton, has told the Chief Executive of Newark and Sherwood Homes that the action was wrong as it gives the impression the housing association is taking sides in an election and violating free speech. The Chief Executive of the company is supposedly standing by the letter.

tbg. can also reveal that Tory MP for Sherwood, Mark Spencer, is raising the issue of a public body interfering with the democratic process with the Housing Minister.

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