Statement on anti-Labour poster eviction threats.

The Housing Association at the centre of the John Peck poster row have just issued a statement through a P.R. firm defending their decision to threaten residents with eviction orders for displaying anti-Labour posters.

tbg. broke the story here on Monday and published this letter that residents received:

Here is Newark and Sherwood Homes defence:

"A tenant can display a poster, political or otherwise, in their property as is their democratic right.

Newark and Sherwood Homes received a number of complaints from local residents in Edwinstowe regarding the content of posters being displayed in the windows of tenants which were causing offence to members of the community. In line with their tenancy agreement, Newark and Sherwood Homes asked that the tenants displaying the posters causing the offence be remove them and the company understands that the posters have since been taken down. The process followed and the action taken is in accordance with the standard operations of the company when undertaking housing management.

We will contact the tenants involved to advise them of our customer comments policy should they wish to access this."

So in one breath the residents can display political posters and on the other they can not. The housing association clearly do not grasp that political posters do offend some people, and that is OK.

ConservativeHome is bemused as to why they used a P.R firm. It is however not a surprise that Newark and Sherwood Homes used a public relations branch to provide a public statement. Most firms do when in contact with the media, indeed most political parties do too, or employ them, or vote them leader of the Party.