Hoff still won't stand.

A major blow to the future of the Tory youth brigade today as influential big player and top activist Stephen Hoffman ruled out standing for ANY position at the forthcoming 2013 CF Elections.

Hoff confirmed what he had told tbg. earlier this summer when he announced to The Spin he wasn't standing but he wanted to concentrate of the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF). Hoffman urged Conservative Future members to submit their ideas and back the CPF as a leading forum to influence Tory policy for the 2015 General Election.

This is a major blow for CF on a mixed day as current chair' Howlett was attacked by The Commentator for his comments on the BBC about 9/11 and his right hand man Smallwood announced his intention to run for National Chairman of the organisation.

One CF'er raged to tbg. - "How on earth are we supposed to have change on offer when the same kind of people from the same camps with the same ideas always run for the top job?" ... Thankfully it was rhetorical as tbg. didn't have an answer.