Smithers! Release the hounds.

Party and CCHQ favourite Rottweiler attack dog Chris Grayling has been appointed Justice Secretary for the first time ever Live on Twitter, as Ken Clarke takes the position of a Cabinet Minister without portfolio. Clarke said he was - "presently surprised he (Cameron) kept me in the Cabinet at all" - citing that at his age (72) he has to step down eventually from a heavy departmental role. Clarke will now be advising the Chancellor as well as doing what he wants, which is what he does best.

Andrew Lansley has been sacked and Jeremy Hunt is the new Health Secretary. This is fantastic news to tbg. - Jeremy is a high caliber MP with backbone, capable of great things.

IDS (Social Welfare), Michael Gove (Education) and George Osborne (Chancellor) will stay put.

PM appoints Theresa Villiers as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

Andrew Lansley is new Leader of the Commons.

Andrew Mitchell is the new enforcer having been appointed Chief Whip.