Should PCC candidates be whiter than white?

That's the question we are asking on tbg today.

Whilst Hampshire Conservative PCC Candidate Michael Mates remains the subject of serious expenses allegations another PCC Candidate this time from Labour has been forced out over a £5 fine in 1968.

Labour blogger and former County Councillor and Lincolnshire Police Authority member Phil Dilks stood down after seeking legal advice over a minor offence of receiving stolen property as part of a schoolboy prank as a 16 year old.

Portsmouth Magistrate Donna Jones who lost out to Michael Mates for the Hampshire Conservative PCC Candidacy has exclusively told tbg that she believes in a zero tollerance approach to all candidates.

Donna said - "Police Commissioners are going to be essential members of the community and vital in upholding law and order."

"It is totally unacceptable for a PCC to act in an unlawful manner, no matter how minor the offence."

Earlier today it emerged that whilst Michael Mates is currently being investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner over serious expenses allegations during his time as an MP, just two people are behind his campaign on the social networking site Facebook.

Mates is set to be back on the campaign trail again this weekend and despite promising to Channel 4 Political Editor Michael Crick last weekend that he would provide full details and his side of the story as regards money received from profits of a tenancy at Dolphin House in Central London when he was an MP nothing as yet seems to have been published and the only party backing he has had has come from Tory MP George Hollingbery who was earlier this week appointed as Theresa May's new PPS.

+UPDATE+ Parliamentary Standards Commissioner John Lyon has now rejected calls for an inquiry into Michael Mates windfall.