Shirley hits out at Clegg.

Shirley Williams became the latest figure to have a pop at Cleggers today this time over his ministerial reshuffle which saw Nick Harvey, Paul Bustow and Sarah Teather all sacked.

She told a fringe meeting earlier that "Nick Harvey was greatly admired by the armed forces", Paul Bustow had been "steadfast" in protecting the NHS and said that Sarah Teather had always stood up for the "deepest wishes" of the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, Danny Alexander has said that if the Lib Dems were to leave the coalition early it would lead to electoral oblivion at the polls.

Mr Alexander told the same fringe meeting (to the distaste of some in the audience) that "all those people who say you need to make some great strategic swerve in order to achieve success is wrong."

Mr Alexander hasn't been the most popular minister around this week and one delegate even accused him of being more right wing than George Osborne.

Nick Clegg has just hit back at Shirley Williams saying that the public will never reward a "squabbling party."

That's all the Party's been doing all week though Nick!