Renegade Tory Hunter-Clarke issues statement.

Councillor Robin Hunter-Clarke sensationally quit the Conservative Party this week and skipped over to UKIP.

Hunter-Clarke says the Tory party abandoned him after not delivering Conservative polices in the 2010 manifesto and dismisses that it matters whether he is a Tory or UKIPPER at Council level.

Whether Robin Hunter-Clarke will be appreciated for taking the local Skegness voters for fools will be answered at the ballot box. Hunter-Clarke polled 455 votes with a majority of 71 in 2011.

Hunter-Clarke has just issued this statement via Social Media Site Facebook as regards his resignation from the Conservative Party.

"The Conservative Party has let me down nationally over so many issues."

"It has become very difficult to support them and so many young Conservatives are moving away from the party and joining the only real alternative for us - UKIP."

"At a local level - I have been a victim of a lot of bullying by some local Conservative members (not all) because I often vote at council for what I believe is best for the town rather than doing as I'm told and voting to toe the Conservative party line (Which isn't necessarily always right.)"

"This shouldn't be allowed to happen at town council level."

"Perhaps my age is also a factor why I'm often attacked."

"I promise I will continue to work hard for the people of Skegness as I have been doing."

"It changes nothing and although my allegiances have changed to UKIP - on the town council and at a local level this is irrelevant."

"UKIP are a broad minded party and although very much conservative they have a huge rage of policies - take a look on the website and their manifesto."

"Thanks for being so supportive however."

"It has been such a difficult decision having been involved in the Conservative Party for some time - however I hope people understand and all those who elected me - it changes nothing as I am still conservative."

"I have been betrayed and let down and UKIP now has more true conservative values than the actual Conservative Party itself."

"In Local Elections you vote for the candidate not the party."

"I still share conservative political views however and I have not abandoned the Conservative Party - they have abandoned me by moving away from what they promised in their manifesto in 2010 and moving away from their core beliefs."

"I see the point if I was moving to a totally different ideology, i.e to the Labour Party, etc."

"But I'm not."

"UKIP is a conservative and libertarian party which can appeal to anyone on the political spectrum."

"It also makes at local level no difference what party I belong to - I shall still do my best for Skegness regardless of what national party I support."