Red Ed's union bungs.

On the eve of the Labour Conference in Manchester Ed Miliband is coming under fire again today for funding that he and his fellow Shadow Cabinet members have received from extreme union barons of the Left.

It's emerged that Red Ed's office alone got £171,640 including £119,690 from Unite and £40,450 from the GMB.

Jon Cruddas got £167,000 in union funding too and others who got handouts from the barons include Sadiq Khan, Ed Balls and Blairites Dougie Alexander and Chuka Umuna.

Its thought that since the 2010 General Election unions have funded over 80% of all of Labour's funding.

The funding row comes as the militant leader of Unite which has given Labour £6 million in the last two years, Len McCluskey, has vowed to cleanse Labour of Blairites completely and even boot them out of the party if they fail to toe Red Ed's new left wing approach.

David Cameron recently brandished figures which showed that the Labour Party received £3,138,443 between July and September last year.

This meant that in Ed Miliband's first year as Labour Leader, 86% of Labour's funding came from unions.

Under the last Labour Leader it was 50%.

Union Leaders aren't short of a bob or two either.

New figures show that the GMB’s Paul Kenny gets £114,000 pa, the PCS’s Mark Serwotka gets £113,354 and Len McCluskey gets £149,312 pa.

tbg. wonders if they are all in it together?