Putting on a brave face.

Cleggers and the Lib Dems tried to calm down the jitters in the party after a weekend of frenzied speculation rocked the party's foundations to the core.

With Vince Cable's price to be next leader slashed by the bookies the old boy was forced into coming out of his bunny hole in support of Clegg by saying that such attacks were to be expected at this stage of a fixed term parliament.

It failed to do the trick though because within minutes, Lord Smith of Clifton who was the first in line to call for Cleggers to go on Saturday was at it again.

Speaking on BBC News Lord Smith said that he was just "articulating the views of many in the party" and that he believed that "the party were losing members faster than pubs are closing."

The Lib Dem peer went on to say that "we have got to try and do something to staunch the haemorrhaging of our support."

Sounds just like a sinking ship!