Party Standards confirm Mates complaint.

Party Standards Commissioner John Lyon has today confirmed that a complaint has been received about Michael Mates and a property at Dolphin Square in Central London on which Mates apparently made £100,000 at taxpayers expense.

The area from which the complaint was made comes from Mates former parliamentary constituency. tbg. can exclusively confirm that the complaint is a former councillor and Conservative Member from the North East Hants constituency.

tbg. can also exclusively reveal that the complaint is "outline only" and that John Lyon can only investigate it of his own accord.

All this as the latest name to call for Mates to go is Deputy Chairman of Portsmouth North Conservatives, Matt Davies.

+ UPDATE - 08/SEPT/2012 at 12:52pm +

See what happened when Michael Crick caught up with Michael Mates on Channel 4 News tonight at 18:30.