New Poll: Clegg on the rack as Cable leads.

With Tory MPs queing up to call for Cameron to sack him and Cleggers still at the helm, albeit on a tight rope, Business Secretary Vince Cable is making steady ground in the race to be next Lib Dem Leader.

Out of all voters 28% back Vince over the rest but amongst Lib Dem voters the figure rises to 42%. Maybe there's still life in the old boy yet?

Its not just Cleggers who is getting whacked in the polls this morning.

More data from today's You Gov Sunday Times poll shows that Osborne is getting a kicking too.

Even though it may have been a deliberate trap set by Gordon Brown 61% of all voters say the decision to cut the top rate of tax to 45p in the pound was wrong with only 20% saying it was right.

Amongst Tory voters 43% are against and only 38% in favour.

Osborne's satisfaction rating has suffered as a result too and is now down to -42%.

Even Cleggers fares better than that on -41%.

Ken Clarke is on -15% and David Cameron -13%.

This latest You Gov Poll has Labour Lead down to just 6%.

Labour 41%
Conservatives 35%
Lib Dems 9%