New plot to oust Clegg.

tbg. can tonight confirm that following his pop at the right wing of the Conservative Party Ed Davey is now the latest name to be linked to a plot to replace Nick Clegg.

Even though Davey only had the popular support of just 9% of Lib Dem voters in a poll out today asking who should replace Clegg its understood that Davey is the man being touted as the 'Stop Vince' candidate here in Brighton.

Surprisingly, whilst Cable topped the poll on 35%, David Laws came second on 25% but most members seem to feel that its far too soon for the new Education Minister to make his move.

Davey is highly regarded on the right of the Lib Dems and is reported to have "deadly serious" leadership ambitions.

There's even a rumour that Ed has recently started a diet so as to get in trim should a leadership contest be triggered.

The 46 year old is reported to be on strict salads in Brighton so as the MP for Kingston and Surbiton can get in trim and fit ready for a fresh challenge should the opportunity come along.

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