More Tory resignations in Hampshire.

There's been two more Tory resignations in Hampshire tonight.

This time though its in the south of the county.

Fareham West Ward Councillor Nick Gregory and Fareham North West Ward Councillor David Whittingham announced they will be Independent Councillors with immediate effect by forming a group with Titchfield Common Ward Councillor Jack Englefield.

Cllr Englefield only joined the Conservatives after resigning from the Liberal Democrats in May 2011.

The resignations come as UKIP PCC Candidate for Hampshire Stephen West (Pictured) launched his campaign today after he defected from the Tories this past Friday.

Wests' campaign centres around six of what he say are, "clear no-nonesense", pledges:

No reduction in numbers of front line police
No real terms increase in Council Tax precept
Zero tolerance on anti-social behaviour
Reduce overall crime levels
Support victims of crime
Support campaign to tear down speed cameras