Moore exposes union public funds and calls CF to arms.

Conservative Future Chairman for Hartlepool Shane Moore had today lambasted Hartlepool Borough Council (HBC) for employing two UNISON union activists on behalf of UNISON at nearly £60,000 each plus expenses.

Shane has called all CF'ers to arms to smash the unions and expose the scandal.

Shane produced documents - Union Funding and Union Legal Breifing - to the Hartlepool Mayor proving that HBC currently pays £56,385 for two union activists to work full time on behalf of UNISON. The Previous Chief Executive Mr Paul Walker estimated that the total cost of the union subsidy was in excess of £100,000 per year.

The Hartlepool CF Chairman went on to tell tbg. - "It would be grossly inappropriate to continue giving this subsidy to an organisation which last year had a NET income of £18,000,000, pays the chief executive £108,516 per annum and in the 2nd quarter of 2012 alone gave £213,000 to the Labour Party."

Shane continued his plea to the Mayor - "As a Conservative, a council tax payer of Hartlepool and a union member (not UNISON and I do not pay a political levy) I fail to see why I and every other rate paying, non public sector working (though public sector workers are in effect having to pay twice for their union) of this town should have to pay for The Labour Party and for UNISON to operate full time, unchecked and use resources within HBC when we are not legally obliged to."