'Malicious Hoax' Police rules for Muslims.

A "Hoax" has been circulating the internet claiming that Bedfordshire Police have different rules when raiding and arresting terrorists and dangerous criminal suspects that are Muslim.

The document is posed as though acquired via the Freedom of Information Act and has just two rules for non-Muslim suspects but nine rules for Muslim suspects.

Such rules include - "If people are praying at home officers should stand aside and not disrupt the prayer. They should be allowed the opportunity to finish." - and - "Community leaders must be consulted before raids into Muslim houses."

Bedfordshire Police have rubbished the document as a "Hoax" saying - "This information is maliciously incorrect and should be ignored... Bedfordshire Police follows the guidance for entering all households issued by ACPO’s National Community Tension Team (NCTT)".

The Police also say that community relations are very important part of policing and such guidelines wouldn't be appropriate to certain more dangerous, risky cases.

"These guidelines are only advisory and would not be of primary importance if there were good operation reasons for surprising occupants such as the protection of evidence... However if we were interviewing someone about a minor offence our officers would be sensitive to people’s cultural differences and this applies equally to Christians, Muslims, Hindus and other faiths and cultures."

Beds Police also insist that these guidelines - "have been changed maliciously to stir up the exact community tensions they are intended to defuse." By whom is the question.

Bedfordshire Police rules on Muslim Suspects - Response Letter 2011-HOAX