Local BNP leader guilty of racist blogging.

BNP leader in Stoke, Michael Coleman, was found guilty this week of accusing Stoke-on-Trent City Council of - "Flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out". Also saying that the 2011 summer riots proved that 'darkies' are on the side of criminality.

Labour city councillor Joy Garner was told by a member of the public about the blog and then alerted the police to the posts which were later deemed to be causing untoward distress and alarm. Coleman was soon charged with intending to cause racially-aggravated harassment with display writing.

After being found guilty this week Micheal Coleman said that he was not a racist but - "explaining my views in the common language of the people of Stoke-on-Trent."

"This is England, and by God I’m going to use English words."

Indeed Mr Coleman you are not a racist, you are just looking for a cause and ain't too clever. Racism is much more clever and incognito than you or the BNP. However this was a racially aggravated crime riddled with lies and untruths that are very dangerous and would cause, or intensify, hatred toward a minority group.

Same league as Hitler.