Lib Dems want a further £16bn worth of cuts.

Coalition Government Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander has told Lib Dem conference in Brighton that the Party will seek a further £16 billion worth of savings in 2015, as foreseen by Chancellor George Osborne in his budget last year.

Danny Alexander said - "Specific plans for £16bn of savings that are needed".

Danny hinted that Lib Dems would 'veto' Tory plans to cut the welfare bill then bizarrely went on to say that wealthy pensioners may have their welfare reduced among other "specific" cuts.

"At £220bn, welfare is one third of all public spending - and despite our painful reforms it is still rising. We will have to look at it" - said Mr Alexander.

This announcement comes the day after President of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron told tbg. that a second coalition term with the Tories was "plausible".