Labour in Manchester: David Miliband snubs brother Ed.

Labour's conference in Manchester sounds as though its going to be equally as bloody as the Lib Dems in Brighton even though they have double digit leads in most polls.

tbg. has been told that for the second year running former Foreign Secretary David Miliband is to snub his brother Ed.

tbg. understands that David will leave Manchester one day before brother Ed makes his keynote address.

Another blow to Ed Miliband has come from former Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

Mr Johnson was today quoted as telling Ed "to do more to demonstrate he is a leader."

Mr Johnson points out that whilst Labour are ahead in the party polls David Cameron is still ahead of Ed Miliband in the personal ratings.

And Harriett Harman is also throwing her hat in the ring.

In a side swipe at Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls she today claimed that the government's deficit reduction plan is "self-defeating and hurting the economy."

Balls believes that the cuts are essential.

+UPDATE+ - Stand-by for Tony's take on the Labour Conference and the coalition.

tbg. has just been informed that Mr Blair is special guest on tonight's edition of Piers Morgan Tonight at 9.00pm on CNN.