Jobs for the boys.

London Area Conservative Future elections are set to take place this week, commencing on Friday at The Goat on Battersea Rise when the South-West will cast their ballot.

There are a total of five elections to be held, however tbg. can reveal that William Hargreaves has already been elected Chairman for South-West and Sam Rogers for South-East London CF. Both candidates have been unopposed.

It may seem to some that people are just being lined up for positions. A couple of CF'ers even told tbg. that - "It's just jobs for the boys! We call this democracy." And - "It'll probably be Alexander Stafford for North West London."

The Tory youth democracy system has been called into question over the past two years after current National Chairman Ben Howlett was elected with just 113 votes. Is the lack of interest in positions and elections just a sign of the demise of the Tory youth wing, or is it a complete state of disorganisation by those at CCHQ and past National Executives?

Watch this space.