Howlett savaged in 9/11 online attack video.

Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett has been savaged in an online video produced by The Commentator on YouTube over remarks made about the 9/11 attack in the US in 2001 on BBC 3's Free Speech on Tuesday night.

Ben stated that it was time to move on and 9/11 had brought some communities together for a closer understanding which did not exist before 9/11.

The Commentator obviously disagree with Howlett and has made an attack viral video (above). The Commentator take the same view as the official American view that we should 'never forget', like it's the London blitz & Hitler all over again.

It's not exactly beyond reasonable argument for an island nearly three and a half thousand miles away to 'move on' from a terrorist attack - in fact that is exactly what London did day after day during the IRA's terror campaign in the 80's and 90's & ever since.

History is not forgotten as it is recorded, but 'moving on' from anger and nonsensical Middle East intervention policy toward actual understanding of Islam and the cultural/religious divides that exist in the Middle East might not be bad thing.

Howlett has hit the headlines in the past with gaffes such as when he commented at a CF hustings that he 'respected' Gerry Adams.