How two-thirds of Labour voters want to ditch Ed.

Two thirds of Labour voters want to ditch Red Ed Miliband.

That the devastating figure rocking the Labour Party today.

And that's not all.

Only 25% of voters believe that he is the right man to kick start the economy.

All on the eve Labour’s Economic Relaunch, which is designed to show that the party is serious about tackling Britain’s debts.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said yesterday: "The public want to know that we are going to be ruthless and disciplined in how we go about public spending."

"It is quite right, and the public I think would expect this, to have a proper zero-based spending review where we say we have to justify every penny and make sure we are spending in the right way."

Excuse me but is this the same Ed Balls who presided over the worst economic mess left behind by a Labour Government ever?

An economy so inefficient and wasteful that it even used the state to mop up the mess created by free markets and let those at the top do what they wanted while using the state to clear up behind them without ever demanding a penny in return.

No wonder there was no money left. In Ed Balls we have a man and a party with no credibility left and that should never be trusted in government again.