Hoff wants Jerusalem recognised as Israel Capital.

Influential Conservative Future activist Stephen Hoffman is currently running a campaign on behalf of the Zionist Federation (ZF) calling for Jerusalem to be recognised by the UK Foreign Office as the Capital of Israel.

Hoff is seeking 100,000 digital signatures from Israel supporters and sympathisers for the ZF online petition so it can eventually be debated in the House of Commons.

One CF'er close to Hoffman who wished to remain anonymous argues that the result of the petitions' implementation would not affect any peace deal as - "West Jerusalem is considered as part of Israel under whatever peace negotiations".

The anonymous CF'er told tbg. - "It is time that the UK Foreign Office respected Israels' sovereignty and legal rights and recognised Jerusalem as Israels' capital. By doing so the strong relationship between Israel and the UK that benefit both sides can go from strength."

"We call on all of those who support national sovereignty to sign this petition and contact their MP on the matter. Doing so will not affect the peace process as under any two state solution West Jerusalem will remain part of Israel"

You can sign the petition and support this cause here.