Hampshire Tories at war - leader told 'to get a grip'.

tbg. can today reveal that the ruling Tory administration in Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council in Hampshire is dangerously close to splitting due to disagreements about council plans for the future of Hampshire, the latest disagreement centers on a blueprint for housing developments over the next 15 years.

One Conservative borough councillor, Stephen West, labelled the ruling Tory Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Cabinet as "massively divided" and growled its leader "needs to get a grip".

Council leader Clive Sanders refused to accept criticism from Cllr West and raged that West had been absent from the region for the last two months and he - "May not be completely up to speed with everything that is happening."

Cllr West told The Gazette: "Cllr Sanders has just a short time to get a grip, not just of the council’s strategy, but of his Cabinet."

West continued - "I recall the endless Conservative group meetings that I have sat in where many of us were urged to ‘pull together’ amidst thinly-veiled threats of being demoted or ostracised."

The news comes days after Hampshire Tory Police & Crime Commissioner candidate Michael Mates was accused of fiddling his expenses when he was an MP and making £100,000 on a London property.