Farron warns Clegg of challenges ahead.

Lib Dem President Tim Farron is tonight warning Nick Clegg that his party faces its biggest challenge yet at the next election.

In his annual report to the Lib Dems conference seen by tbg. Mr. Farron says that the Lib Dems - "Have made a lot of tough decisions and the electoral impact has been large."

"We've marched towards the sound of gunfire into the very midst of the battle and we've suffered."

Farron says that in 2015 the Lib Dems face their biggest challenge for generations but calls for a proper strategy to be put in place.

In a side swipe at Clegg as regards the cuts in local government Farron calls for the Lib Dems to be a party of stronger public services, for more new council houses to be built, and for more state intervention.

But isn't this socialist nonsense of making the state bigger how Labour failed and messed this country up in the first place?