Farron launches fiercest attack on Tory Right yet.

Tim Farron is launching the biggest attack on the tory right wing so far this week tonight.

He's just told a fringe meeting here in Brighton that "it's crazy that the tory right think that David Cameron failed to win the election outright because he was not sufficiently right wing."

Farron said that he finds the Tories "unbelievably awkward bedfellows" but says that going into coalition was the right thing to do because if the Lib Dems had not gone into coalition, the Tories would have won a second 2010 election outright.

He went on to allege that a lot of Tory MPs opposed Lords reform because they feared for their seats under the boundary changes before suggesting that because of the fact that we are in a fixed term parliament a "supply and confidence deal" could now be possible.

Rather bizarrely though, when asked by tbg. reporter Geoffrey Brooking if he could forsee there being a second term of coalition with the Tories he replies "I guess it's plausible" before denying splits within his own party by saying that the gap between Orange Book liberals and social liberals is "minuscule".

You should have seen the faces on some of the party faithful faces when he said "its plausible".

You could have heard a pin drop!

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