EXCLUSIVE: Tory to UKIP defector Robin Hunter-Clarke backlash.

One senior CF'er said - "He lost to Sarah Jane-Sewell, badly. Are UKIP collecting losers?"

Conservative Future's one and only Deputy Chair' Sarah Jane-Sewell, who indeed beat Hunter-Clarke at the last CF elections by some margin, quipped:

We broke the news earlier today that the CF'er and Tory councillor for Skegness is no more, Robin Hunter-Clarke has done the CF to UKIP skip. Hunter-Clarke is snubbing tbg. this evening and other press outlets.

Queue P.R staff.

Just by luck tbg. has acquired comments made by Hunter-Clarke on social media this week. So tbg. reckons his comments today may have sounded like this:

"(It's) Amazing how much the EU impacts on my life and everyone's lives."

"The amount of unnecessary health and safety that comes with being at University and in clubs and societies in-particular is unbelievable."

"Whatever happened to common sense?"

"The sooner we get out of this political union the better."

Follow Up - CF Deputy Sarah-Jane mocks Hunter-Clarke and codes potential platform for chairmanship bid.