EXCLUSIVE: Poetic justice.

Sarah-Jane gives Hunter-Clarke a bloody nose and codes potential platform for a chairmanship bid for the Tory youth wing.

Conservative Futures' one and only deputy chair' Sarah-Jane Sewell has graciously bloodied the nose of her former electoral nemesis Robin Hunter-Clarke.

Hunter-Clarke skipped to UKIP this past weekend in a blaze of publicity and rows that are still ongoing.

Sarah-Jane Sewell mocks comments made by Hunter-Clarke during the last Conservative Future election when he was defeated by Sarah to become deputy chairman. Sarah says she thinks CF needs a shepherd to look out for blood thirsty wolves and not concentrate too much on building its pen, could this be metaphorical code for a potential platform upon which a Conservative Future Chairman bid will be made?

Sarah, with ruthless clarity said - "Once upon a time, I knew a young man, that made a promise never to leave the Conservative Party. It was something he was passionate about. He claimed UKIP was merely a 'pressure group'...

Then buoyantly hinted - "Occasionally sheep do get lost and lose their way, and what they need is a good Shepherd. A shepherd that isn’t too busy building the pen that he forgets to look out for wolves".

Watch this space.