EXCLUSIVE: Chairman Howlett calls CF to arms.

Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett champions the Coalition and rejects Labours' borrow & spend alternative in an exclusive article for TheBlueGuerilla.

"In 2010 the Coalition Government inherited the largest peacetime deficit and debt this country has ever seen. This is not something to underestimate. It was one where £120 million was spent every day on interest payments alone. Just imagine how many nurses, teachers and policemen that could pay for in tough times.

"It is this Government that has begun to slow the rate of increase of that debt and pay off 25% of that deficit in 2.5 years, Conservative Future should not apologise for this hard work and success, we ought to champion it.

"That is why I am calling upon all members this week during Labour Conference to go out into our communities, explain what this Government is doing and why these are decisions that will benefit millions of people across the UK.

"The changes we make today, in 2 years and I hope over the next 10 years will not only create opportunity for millions of British people, they also create a sense of aspiration for our children and our children's children.

"Labour's message has not changed since Liam Byrne left the letter saying there was "no money left" on the Treasury Desk.

"Their alternative is more spending, more borrowing and therefore more debt.

"At Conservative Future we believe in lower taxes, Labour's uneconomic and uncosted policy of reintroducing the 50p tax will prevent businesses investing in the UK. This will prevent the Government from paying off Labour's debt and preventing millions of young people from getting new jobs in the private sector.

"In the run up to 2015 Conservative Future will be taking that message to the public providing them with an honest and realistic plan to get the economy on track, one supported by the IMF, OECD and the Bank of England. The one set by this Government.

"If we follow this path, young British people will have a brighter and more aspirant future.

"Labour have failed Britain and they have failed Britain's young people. I look forward to seeing you all on the campaign trail!"