Eastleigh Tories hopeful of Huhne conviction.

Chris Huhne is supposed to face his fate on Friday 28th September when his court case is due to conclude with Huhne facing the penalty for perverting the course of justice.

On the 29th of September Eastleigh Tory Association are having a campaign day and in an email acquired by tbg. from the Deputy Chairman (Political) of the association to activists, he says - "The trial is now due that week, ending 28th September so it will certainly be uppermost in the minds of the people of Eastleigh even if no decision will have been reached."

It seems the association is planning for a busy day on the 29th and the campaign office will be "manned" all day from 9.30am.

Nigel Farage has also said UKIP would throw everything at Eastleigh in a by-election, leading tbg. to believe he will run if the Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne is convicted and the seat becomes vacant.