Croydon voters are 'chavs'.

tbg. does like a bit of hypocrisy at times.

Former MP for Croydon Central, reported friend of Ken Livingstone and Labour Party activist Andrew Pelling thinks local Croydon voters are "chavs" it has been alleged by his ex-wife.

Pelling quit the Tory Party before the last election. He sparked controversy when seen partaking in a Labour fundraiser in 2008. His ex-wife claimed that he considered David Cameron unelectable, so he stood as an Independent in 2010, and lost to the Tories.

Andrew Pellings' ex-wife has publicly claimed that her ex-husband had no respect for his constituents and often joked he would open a shop called 'Chavs of Croydon' - "He thought it would be funny to sell fake Burberry, shell suits, scrunchies and Staffordshire bull terrier accessories."

Pellings ex-wife also claimed he even had his picture taken with a Staffordshire bull terrier, because it would help him "connect with his public".

The ex didn't stop there and also alleges that Pelling insisted their baby would be born in a private hospital. "He said there was no way his child would be born in the Mayday NHS hospital in Croydon. He felt it was not good enough for his children."

tbg. wonders what Andrew Mitchell thinks of his constituents.

Follow Up: Andrew Pelling Could Stand in Croydon North by-election.