Cleggers snubs heart-op MP.

Earlier this summer tbg. ran an exclusive on how Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock was just two weeks away from almost certain death following serious heart problem which led to him having to undergo open-heart surgery.

Given the extent of one of his MP's health one really would think that our Mike would get some kind of supportive message from his party leader.

Not from Nick Clegg though.

Despite hearing from former leaders including Charles Kennedy, Paddy Ashdown, and David Steel and even some political opponents including me while recovering at home after his heart bypass operation in June, tbg can today confirm that Hancock didn’t even "get a phone call or a card from Nick Clegg."

Hancock told his local rag the Portsmouth News "We might not agree on everything but it was because people like me got elected and voted for him that he is where he is."

"I always write to other colleagues who are sick including those from other parties as well so it was pretty disappointing."

Its called ignorance!