Clegg double poll blow amidst plans to veto Tory welfare cuts.

With Cleggers already set for a rough ride in Brighton this coming week and a new poll suggests that its going to get even rougher with a double whammy of bad news in today's Survation Poll for the Daily Mirror.

It has the Lib Dems trailing in fourth place behind UKIP and some bad news for Clegg's leadership.

Labour on 40%, Conservatives on 30%, UKIP on 12% and the Liberal Democrats on just 10%.

What makes it worse for Cleggers is that only 25% of Liberal Democrat voters think they''ll be better of with him as Leader at the next election.

Over at the bookies meanwhile Clegg is still 4/7 to lead them into the next election and 5/4 not to.

But we all know that when the going get's rough those on the left of the Lib Dems get going.

Amidst the bitter infighting it seems as though Cleggers has already given in.

tbg. understands from sources in Brighton that Nick Clegg will use a rally at 6.30pm tonight to confirm that he is to veto George Osborne's plans for a two year welfare freeze.

Earlier this week Lib Dem MP Tim Farron voiced his concerns at such a move and another MP dead against such a move is Mike Hancock.

Seems as though they've both got their way.

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