Christine Emmett will ensure victory for Tories.

The Corby and East Northamptonshire Conservative Association have selected Christine Emmett as their candidate to fight the Corby by-election. Emmett is the local councillor and a businesswoman who has been actively involved in politics for many years now.

I first met Christine at the BackBoris campaign in London. As well as being a passionate campaigner, she is extremely intelligent and experienced. Her background in the NHS, transport and business will also be an advantage, especially as her Labour opponent is nothing but a career politician.

The Conservative Party knows that this campaign requires a lot of hard working activists to deliver the message. However I believe in order to win the people’s trust, it is essential that Emmett begins this battle with fresh ideas based on values and issues that matter to the local constituents.

This is the one area that Labour will fail to achieve. Andy Sawford – the Labour candidate – and his campaign will be based on nothing but Miliband and the trade union’s socialist agenda.

The people of Corby have a choice between a typical left wing politician who is only standing to gain political points, and a businesswoman who is also a councillor and has a lot of experience in various fields of life.

Tory activists, including members of Conservative Future, have already begun fighting by organising campaign days and attending telecanvassing sessions at CCHQ. For more details on how to get involved, click here.

Mahyar Tousi