Cameron runs rings around Red Ed in likability stakes.

Some very good news for the Conservatives according to the latest You Gov Tracker Poll in today’s Sunday Times.

Not only has Labour’s lead been cut to five points but Prime Minister David Cameron is running rings around Ed Miliband in the likeability stakes.

It has Labour on 40%, the Conservatives 35%, the Liberal Democrats on 10% and UKIP on 7%.

It’s the lowest Labour lead since April, the worst Labour figure this month and best Conservative figure for whole of September too.

Government Approval is still very low at -36 though.

However, on performance whilst David Cameron’s Performance Index is a poor -34, Ed Miliband’s is -39 and Nick Clegg’s is a woeful -62.

When asked who they think is a strong leader Dave beats Ed 61-21, who is more decisive Dave wins 48-21, who is more likeable Dave wins 41-31, who has the best vision for Britain Dave wins 36-22, and when asked who has the better strategy to get Britain out of recession Dave wins 33-24.

Dave and Ed are tied on the question about trust at 28-28.

Ed’s only win comes when asked who is in touch more with ordinary people 40-19.