Boris en route to Parliament.

Zac Goldsmith has told Boris Johnson that he is willing step down from his seat in Richmond so he can run to become Member of Parliament and take on David Cameron.

tbg. reported on Wednesday that Goldsmith had threatened to resign his seat if the Prime Minister gives the go ahead for a third runway at Heathrow. It has now come to light that Zac Goldsmith has offered the seat to Mayor of London Boris Johnson. A move that would be sure to rock the Tory Party, Westminister and the nation.

Goldsmith said - "I saw Boris this week and we compared notes on Heathrow to see what we could do to kill off the third runway. We covered all sorts of possibilities. I would do anything I need to deliver to my constituents what I said I would. We discussed all sorts of possibilities."

Boris would only need 46 (15% of) Conservative MP signatures to trigger a Tory leadership election. Politics is an unsafe game you never know whats going to happen tomorrow and Boris will be feeling as if he needs to capitalise on his astronomical popularity. Especially at a time when the Prime Minister is suffering in the polls.

Cameron is tough though and is certainly not tired or on his knees, yet.