Boris: Mansion tax is crazy.

Boris Johnson today attacked Nick Clegg’s mansion tax plans saying that they are crazy and that Clegg knows it.

With Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps also against the idea most political commentators are now fast coming to the conclusion that it really is a non-starter.

The Mayor of London tells today’s Daily telegraph that “These taxes will disproportionately hit London and Londoners, penalising people simply because of circumstance, trapping people who in many cases are cash poor."

"London is the motor of the UK economy; kicking it hard makes no sense at all."

The news comes after delegates at the Liberal Democrats’ Autumn Conference in Brighton voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion calling for an "annual mansion tax".

The idea was first floated by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls under the last Labour Government.

tbg. believes that a mansion tax would unfairly penalise home owners and deter international investors from coming to the UK.

+UPDATE+ Boris Mania has now followed Cameron all the way to Brazil.

Rather than stick to policy the first question asked by a Brazilian member of the press was about... Boris.

+UPDATE+ 28.SEPT.2012

ITV News reported last night that David Cameron has today fended off rumours that London Mayor Boris Johnson has his eye on the Conservative leadership and the country's Prime Minister role.

In an interview for Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, the British Prime Minister was asked: "With the economy in crisis, we see mayor Boris Johnson, also of your party, with greater popularity than you.

"To the point there are rumours that he might be the Conservative candidate for the next general election. Do you feel your post is threatened?" Prime Minister David Cameron tours and officially opens a new JCB factory in Sao Paulo today. Prime Minister David Cameron tours and officially opens a new JCB factory in Sao Paulo today. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mr Cameron responded by saying: "Not at all. Boris has been a great friend of mine for a long time and a first-class mayor of London.

"We're very lucky to have many big hitters in our party, but Boris still has much work to do as mayor, and so do I as Prime Minister."