Ashdown says Clegg was opportunistic on uni fees.

The fight for control of the Liberal Democrats took another astonishing twist today when Lord Ashdown became the latest senior figure to hit out at Nick Clegg.

The former Lib Dem Leader says that Clegg's pledge as regards tuition fees at the last election was "opportunistic" but also "understandable given that the party had been out of office for 100 years."

It wasn't just Clegg who he was calling an opportunist either.

At one point when pressed by a member of the audience at a fringe meeting he said that Ed Miliband's Labour Party had become "the most opportunistic opposition we have ever know."

At least Paddy won't be exchanging any text messages with our Red Ed for a while.

+UPDATE+ In all fairness to our Paddy not everyone get's described as a "strangely sexually alluring walnut" like he was in The Guardian this morning.

If that's what they think of Paddy goodness knows what they think of Mike Hancock.

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