YCRG Facebook attack.

A storm is occurring on the Young Conservative Reform Groups' (YCRG) Facebook page (above).

The group has come under sustained attack by the hard-right and with over 327 comments so far and one CF'er being called a "disgusting intolerant fascist liberal", it's an entertaining read. If you didn't already know the earth was mostly populated by idiots, just read this thread.

+UPDATE 19:38+

tbg. is publishing a statement released by YCRG due to the sustained attacks it is receiving from the hard-right.

"The Young Conservative Reform Group was today targeted for criticism by leading members of hard-Right groups, namely the Traditional Britain Group and the National Culturists, with whom we do not associate, whose views we do not endorse, and whose contributions to our Facebook page have been, in our judgement, laughable and expose them for the non-entities that they are.

The YCRG is proud to support freedom of speech. Naturally, should the discussions on our page turn abusive, intimidatory or potentially law-breaking, we will not hesitate in taking action in preventing further posts by those responsible and will delete any offending posts when they come to our attention.

Ultimately, however, the YCRG is somewhat pleased that we have aroused the response that we have from the hard-Right figures who have chosen to speak out against us today. It stands to reason that a group such as ours, that believes in open markets, sound economics, a free and tolerant society and respect for individuals, families, and the institutions that serve Britain so well should be subject to attacks from groups of the political extreme. We're somewhat amused by it, even encouraged.

Nonetheless, we will carry on pushing for our values and vision in the Conservative Party. And neither the hard-Right, nor any other political extremist movement, will prevent that.

We thank our supporters for their continuing good will. Onward and upward!"