Unions caught lining Labours coffers yet again.

Its that time of year when the figures are out and it seems as though its business as usual for Red Ed Miliband and his beloved trades unions.,

Between April and June its emerged that Unite gave £840,275 to Labour, Usdaw gave £429,558, The GMB gave £313,863 and UNISON handed over £213,000.

This in itself means that well over half of Labour's funding in the last quarter came from just three big trade unions.

All at a time when Unionised staff from UNITE recently voted for strike action at Capita IT Services, when workers at Swindon Council rattled up their 21st day of strike action so far this year and when thousands of UNISON staff at the NHS across Bolton threatened to go on strike over a national pay row.

Not to mention the contributions made by rich bankers at the Co-op and a massive overdraft at ‘friendly’ rates.