Tory Wonderland.

To say the least, CF maybe a little damaged by last nights BBC episode of "Young, Bright and on the Right". It should counter, its hard to imagine how against the might of the BBC.

The conglomerate of young tories assembled for the show may seem mind boggling to many young tories. And definetly not a showing in good light to he rest of the public. Though the focus is supposedly on Oxford and Cambridge associations' because of the current cabinet line-up, so a suggested sight into what the cabinet may have been like and went through.

Though tbg. probably wouldnt go as far as one CF'er:

One may be a bit weird or odd of course and we must never discriminate against rich or poor, odd or level-headed (that's what elections are for). But the BBC message here is how out of touch the whole politcal process is at such elite universities. It really couldnt be further away from most peoples lives and comes accross almost insane.