Tories save £5bn of waste in just one year.

The government has today announced it has saved £5 Billion across Whitehall by implementing basic private sector efficiency practices.

The £5bn worth of savings equals around £500 for every family in Britain and is enough to fund a quarter of a million junior nurses.

Horsham Tory MP and Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said it would be a "permanent feature" of future Conservative governments.

Maude described some of the simple things they had done in order to save such a mountain of cash. For instance one Whitehall department had spent seven times as much as another for the same printer cartridge. Civil servants had also wasted millions on pricey leases for disused buildings, 115 just in Bristol alone.

Another £1.5bn has been saved through the civil service recruitment freeze. Since 2010 spending on Whitehall consultants is also down by 85% and £390m has been saved through a freeze on marketing.