The North invade London.

Battle lines are to be fingered in the sand tonight. Conservative Future see a Northern event take place in Westminster labelled 'Manchester CF Supporting Local Businesses in London'. Much plotting and positioning will most probably be taking place.

To say the least this has got some southern-based CF'ers chattering about a potential Northern national take-over of the CF executive at the next tory youth wing elections. This event is a serious signal that the northaners mean business down south.

Jamie Williams and Philip Smith are rumoured to be lining up bids for National Chairman and Deputy. One source hoever did tell tbg. that: "Apparently Philip might not run now, but they will have candidates for each position".

One CF'er did'nt seem too phased by the potential northern national bid telling tbg., "That 'camp' don't believe in campaigning and all that, which is funny, because all CF does is campaigning. They just talk about being working class and on the Right."